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Beat That!

Beat That!

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📦 Livraison sous 2 jours

Relevez 160 défis en famille ou entre amis et préparez-vous à lancer, rattraper, empiler, retourner, catapulter, rouler, sauter et souffler... pour sortir gagnant de Beat That!, le jeu d'ambiance le plus délirant au monde.

Duration of a game

40 minutes of fun and competition

Numbers of players

From 2 players


From 9 years old

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Let's go !

Accumulate as many points as possible by betting on your ability to pass a series of 10 crazy challenges . 🔥

Get ready to engage in a thrilling battle that will crown the most skillful and daring player!

Can you bounce 2 balls into 2 cups at the same time using just one hand?

Suspense, competition and fun in the key! 🏆

Unusual accessories

  • 160 cards

  • 80 tokens

  • 10 cups

  • 5 balls

  • 4 dice

  • 1 tape measure

  • 2 chopsticks

  • 1 hourglass

  • 1 notepad

  • 1 rules of the game

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Your evenings will never be the same again!

All the answers to your questions ⬇

What is the purpose of Beat That! ?

Challenge family and friends! Accumulate as many points as possible by betting on your ability to complete a series of 10 crazy challenges using the accessories provided in the game box.

Solo, duo, duel or battle royale, show skill and dexterity to win the challenges...

What are the different types of challenges?

The 160 challenges of Beat That! are divided into 4 categories:

- SOLO: players take on the challenge alone
- DUO: players play in cooperation with a partner
- DUEL: players compete against an opponent
- BATTLE ROYALE: players all compete at the same time

How to play Beat That! ?

The rules of the game are explained in 2 minutes flat.
Each game has 10 challenges:

1 - Draw a "challenge" card and read it aloud
2 - All players place their bet with colored chips
3 - All players accept the challenge
4 - The winners "validate" their points
The winner is the player who has validated the most points after 10 challenges

When to play?

Beat That! is the game for all occasions: evenings with friends, end-of-year celebrations, birthdays, team building, barbecues, rainy Sundays with the family...

Who to play with?

Beat That! is a party game for all ages: young and old can play and have fun, together, at the same time. The challenges have been designed to suit both adults and children.

What's in the game box?

All the accessories to complete the challenges are included in the box: cups, challenge cards, tape measure, chopsticks, dice, hourglass, balls, tokens, notepad...

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