SAVANA is a French start-up specializing in the creation, publishing and distribution of board games .

SAVANA creates rhythmic, funny and easy-to-play party games that bring young and old together to have fun with family or friends!

Our history

In the heart of the Parisian savannah, a group of explorers passionate about board games, decided to embark on a fun adventure together, and had the ambition to create and distribute innovative games and concepts around the world: SAVANA was born. .

But what is hidden behind this wild name?

Well, new ways to play, games that stimulate interaction between players and immerse them in new worlds for ever more sharing and complicity.

SAVANA is now a creator, publisher and distributor of party games, available in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

So, are you ready to tame our wildest games?

Our mission

Far from being secret, SAVANA's mission is simple: to offer extraordinary moments that bring young and old together through rhythmic, funny and easy-to-play games. No need to go exploring at the other end of the Earth, your find may already be right under your nose...

Learn more about the impact of SAVANA.

  • + 36,000

    games played

  • + 20,000

    winner's roars

  • + 15,000

    ideas for new games

  • + 40,000

    hours of entertainment

The animals of the SAVANA

  • Roman


  • John Xia


  • Swan

    Marketing & Communications

  • Duncan

    Game Designer

  • Laura


  • Thomas

    Growth & E-Commerce

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