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Tengo Duo

Tengo Duo

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📦 Livraison sous 2 jours

Réveillez le mentaliste qui sommeille en vous et préparez-vous à lire dans les pensées des autres joueurs car Tengo Duo vous ouvre les portes d'une aventure ludique, palpitante et rythmée...

Duration of a game

20 thrilling and rhythmic minutes

Numbers of players

From 3 players


From the age of 8

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Will you think the same?

Be quick because you will only have a few seconds to use your telepathic gifts. 👀

Be a strategist to play your bonuses at the best times without being surprised by those of other players.

So do great minds really meet?

Friendliness, complicity and good humor in perspective! 🤣

The accessories included in this thrilling adventure

  • 480 theme cards

  • 200 score sheets

  • 1 rules of the game

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And you, will you be on the same wavelength?

All the answers to your questions ⬇

What is the object of the Tengo Duo game?

Think about the same thing at the same time and score points by offering the same two answers as the other players or your partner to a given topic. The (sometimes eccentric) answers of some will make the happiness (or the misfortune) of others...

Tengo Duo is a game that appeals to common references and commonplaces but also to the experience and life experience of each.

What are the different game modes?

- "in Solo", guess the answers of the other players
- "in Duo", guess those of your partner!

How to play Tengo Duo?

Each game has 12 rounds.
Each round corresponds to a theme played.

1 - Reveal a theme
2 - Without consulting you, guess and write 2 answers related to the theme that you think are identical to those of your partner (or other players)
3 - Compare your answers with those of your partner (or other players)
4 - Score points:
→ 1 common answer, say “TENGO” and score 1 point
→ 2 answers in common, say “TENGO DUO” and score 3 points!
The pair or the player validating the most points at the end of the 12 rounds is crowned the winner!

When to play?

Friendly and funny, Tengo Duo is a cooperative party game ideal for punctuating family moments, evenings with friends, parent-child activities, Christmas Eve or the end of year celebrations...

Who to play with?

Tengo Duo is a board game that appeals to both adults and children and which brings together the generations and the worlds of each to have fun with family or friends.

Is it a game suitable for younger children?

Yes, simple in its understanding, Tengo Duo is an adaptation game that invites the player to put himself in the place of others to anticipate their responses. The game is based on empathy, speed and instinct: it strengthens the intergenerational bond of those who play it.

Where can I get new score sheets?

Have you run out of Tengo Duo score sheets? Find our endless downloadable sheets!

It's here ➡ Download

To punctuate your board game evenings

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