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Tengo Duo|US edition

Tengo Duo|US edition

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Great Minds (Should) Think Alike!

TENGO DUO is a cooperative and hilarious family party game, where the answers of some will make the gain (or pain) of others! 🤣 

⚡️HOW? Try, in a few seconds to guess the answers of your friends and family while they try to guess yours! 

😈 WHICH? 2 game modes - 480 tasty cards - 200 score sheets

✅ WHERE? Perfect icebraker, party starter or board game for adults group and game nights

🎉 WHEN? Family board games, ideal family games for kids and adults, family nights, friends gathering, christmas dinner

❤️ WITH? Suitable for 3-12 players, 15-45 min, ages 10+

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Prepare to embark on a gaming adventure that will elevate your regular family gatherings to legendary status, creating epic memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.